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While many questions are raised around the question of the composition of intimate hygiene products, Dans Ma Culotte decided to provide you a lot of information regarding its products.

Dans Ma Culotte offers healthy and environment-friendly alternatives. But concretely, what does it mean?

Dans Ma Culotte night time reusable sanitary pads

Sanitary pads that are good for you

Cotton is a soft fabric for your skin, that protects you from allergies and irritations. It is also higly absorbent. Dans Ma Culotte sanitary pads meet these two essential criteria.

When the start-up was created in October 2014, we recruited 110 female testers in France and abroad, with dissimilar profiles so as to make them test our first sanitary pads prototypes (daily protection, menstruations, incontinence). This campaign was carried out through an announcement on Facebook and by word of mouth and had several goals:

  • estimating the testers' degree of satisfaction using the cloth pads
  • identifying the obstacles but also the motivations behind a purchase
  • forming a group of women who would be our brand ambassadresses
  • promoting our brand.

Then, 70% of the testers filled in a 51-question questionnaire. One of the observation is that disposable sanitary pads (all categories combined) that represent the most significant sales volumes on the market, cause problems of contact allergies, irritations and discomfort and cause fungal infections to around 30% of women. 95% of "irritated" testers stopped to have allergies thanks to Dans Ma Culotte cloth pads.

Products guaranteed free of chemical components

All the materials that constitute our cloth pads are certified Oeko-tex 100 by our providers. What is this? Oeko-tex is a European label that guarantees the composition of the fabrics is free of any toxic material known so far. The more a textile is in contact with the skin, the more laboratory controls are severe. Thus, our products are produced from fabrics certified free of chemical products, even the colors printed.

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SMM - 12.08.2019 23:35:08

Bonjour, Le fait qu'il y ait des motifs est-t- il moins sains/hygiénique pour la vulve que si il n'y en avait pas ? Merci :)

SMM - 12.08.2019 23:33:19

Le fait qu'il y ait des motifs est il moins sains/hygiénique pour la vulve que si il n'y en avait pas ?

Mélanie - Dans Ma Culotte - 06.13.2017 15:23:42

Bonjour Melo,merci pour votre commentaire !Voici la composition de nos serviettes certifiées Oekotex 100 : Le dessus est à 100% en coton, l'intérieur est en polyester et polyamide et le dessous imper-respirant est en polyester et en polyuréthane.Vous pouvez retrouver la composition de nos produits dans les fiches produits dans l'onglet Fiche technique. Belle journée ! :)

Melo - 06.13.2017 13:10:45

Bonjour, L'article ne le précise pas alors j'aimerais savoir : vos serviettes hygiéniques lavables contiennent elles uniquement du coton ? Si ce n'est pas le cas pouvez-vous me dire quel(s) autre (s) materiau(x) on peut y trouver ? Je suis allergique à certaines matieres alors ça m'inquiète :)

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