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What exactly is Dans Ma Culotte©?

Dans Ma Culotte© is a brand which offers healthy and esthetic products for personal hygiene.
Made in Normandy, the range features carry bags, reusable cloth pads under the brand Absorbette© and menstrual cups from
the brand FleurCup©.
Dans Ma Culotte© offers an original, reusable and quality alternative to disposable pads.
Its look on the menstrual cycle and intimacy can be defined as off the wall in order to better experience the periods,
light incontinence and all the others little daily worries.

Dans Ma Culotte© reusable pads

What is the purpose of an Absorbette© reusable pad?

Washable, esthetic and healthy, the Absorbette© reusable pad made in fabric can be clipped under the underpants by means of snap fasteners in order to absorb daily worries (daily protection (leaks), periods, resumption of menses, light incontinence, protection before periods).
Thin, comfortable, invisible and pretty, it matches your favourite underpants and thanks to its absorbent and leak-proof features, it prevents from any stain.

Can I use Absorbette© pantyliners and reusable pads just as regular disposable pads?

Yes, with one exception: we don't throw them, we wash them.
They replace disposable pantyliners as well as pads and some disposable devices for light incontinence. They have the same absorption capacity and are made with a waterproof and beathable membrane that avoids leaks while remaining dry.

How to choose the right size of a reusable cloth pad?

Dans Ma Culotte proposes 3 different sizes:

  • La discrète: thin and invisible, you can use it for daily leaks, the beginning of your period and in complement of a menstrual cup.

  • La culottée: ideal for small urinary leaks or for menstruations, you can use it during the day.

  • La galante: comfortable and efficient, you can use it during the night, for heavy flow or resumption of menses.

How can I clip my reusable pad?

The side on which the pattern is printed is in cotton. This soft and comfortable side is the one that will be in contact with the skin as it is the absorbent side. The other side, the plain side, will be in contact with the underpants and it is the waterproof side.

Can we see through my trousers my pantyliner or my Absorbette© reusable pad?

Absorbette© products and thin and nearly invisible, even when we wear trousers or leggings.
You can safely continue to practise the Prasarita Padottanasana pose during your yoga session confidently.

Are reusable pantyliners and cloth pads really reliable? My biggest obsession is to have leaks!

The underside of the Absorbette© pantyliners and the reusable pads is composed of a waterproof and breathable fabric.
This avoids leaks while remaining breathable.
Thus far, about fifty testers have made tests. As far of a regular use, no one noticed any leak.

How often should I change my reusable pads?

It is recommended to wear your reusable pads 12 hours as a maximum. When you start to have the feeling your pad is wet, it means that it's time to change it. The duration depends on the use the make of it.

For instance: You can keep a reusable pad for menstruations during 2 hours if your menstrual flow is very heavy on the first day. A pantyliner will be the best option if you use it for a daily protection or as a complement of a menstrual cup.

How many reusable pads do I need?

The number of reusable pads you will need will mainly depend on the use your make of them (daily protection, periods, incontinence,...) and your own flow.

How do I use Absorbette© when I am at work, at school or outside?

Once used, pantyliners and reusable pads can be refolded and they become watertight. If you like origami, this will be a child's play for you!

Then you can store them or use a carry bag to store both your clean and already used accessories.

I practise sport, can I use Absorbette© reusable pantyliners and cloth pads?

Yes, except for the swimming pool as you may expect.
On the contrary, practising a sport is good for your health, even during your period.
Absorbette© products are precious allies to absorb perspiration and avoid the development of rings around crotch on your leggings. ;-)

How long does an Absorbette© product last?

Most of the fabrics used for the fabrication of our products are guaranteed for a minimum of 200 washing cycles.
This represents a possible duration of use of:
15 years if you use 15 pantyliners during your periods,
4 years if you use 7 reusable cloth pads for incontinence and/or daily protection.
However we have a lack of perspective to give you accurate data on this subject.
This is why we are currently running more accurate tests and we will shortly give you the results.

What are the benefits of reusable cloth pads?

They are economical: a lifespan of 5 years.
No unpleasant odors: no, the menstrual flow does not smell.

Why should I trust Dans Ma Culotte© rather than another brand?

Absorbette© gives particular importance to the quality as well as the traceability of its products.
All pantyliners and reusable cloth pads are made under the process ISO13485 (international norm for medical devices designers and manufacturers).
Absorbette© is certified as a medical device in accordance with this norm for light incontinence (< 100 ml).
Otherwise, all the fabrics used are certified Oekotex 100, which is the European label that guarantees that the composition of the fabrics does not contain any toxic material known so far.

The upkeep of Dans Ma Culotte© reusable pads

A shower and here we go again!

For the menstruations: the prewash with warm water.

When you use your reusable cloth pad during your periods, you need to take some preventive measures before washing in
order to avoid any stain.
We advise you to prewash by following these steps (everyday or every other day (at the end of the day for instance) during your periods):

The classic washing:

  • Open all the used pads,

  • Scrub them with household soap,

  • wait 30 minutes

  • then rinse them under running water at room temperature (between 15 and 25°C) by wringing them out as a sponge in the water.

The intensive washing:

  • Open all the used pads

  • Soak them all into lukewarm water mixed with sodium percarbonate.

  • Wait 1 hour

  • Then rinse them under running water at room temperature (between 15 and 25°C) by wringing them out as a sponge in the water.

With recalcitrant stain, do not hesitate to combine both options.
Once prewashed, you can directly put your reusable pads to dry (delicate cycle on the dryer or on a clothes horse) or add them to your washing machine (40°C as a maximum).
Prewashing can seem complicated at the beginning but once you will be used to it, you will find it very simple and quick.
You will notice that it will not take you more than 5 minutes a day during your periods.

Urinary leaks, daily protection: washing your reusable pads with your underwear

If you use your reusable pads for urinary leaks or as a daily protection, you can directly wash them with you clothes or your underwear (40°C as a maximum).
You just have to put them in the dryer to dry them (delicate cycle), or you can put them on a clothes horse (recommended).

Can I put my reusable pads in the washing machine with my clothes?

This is ideal, it will make you save water and avoid wasting some.
If you use your reusable pads during your periods and they are well prewashed, it will not caused difficulties.

I am not at home during the day, how can i manage it?

We propose a carry bag matching the Absorbette© reusable pads that has two pockets. The large pocket allows you to store your clean reusable pads you will use during the day, and the small pocket is waterproof so you can store your used reusable pads.

Does the blood stain?

The blood only stains when it is washed at a temaperature above the one of your body(37°C). The ideal is to use a water at the room temperature (15 to 25°C).

Fleurcup© menstrual cup


Why offering Fleurcup© menstrual cups?

After testing plenty of menstrual cups, we have decided to offer these Fleurcup© menstrual cups because they are:

  • made in France

  • 100% made in medical silicon

  • phthalate-free

  • without bisphenol A, latex-free and perfume-free

  • flexible but they don't slide

  • easy to insert and to pull out

How to choose the right size? Small or Large, are you hesitating?

The small size is well appropriated for teenagers, young women or for low abundance flows.
The large size is well appropriated for women who already gave birth or for heavy flows.

I am a little bit affraid of leaks, how can I deal with it?

During the firts uses, little leaks can happen. In this case, you can use a pantyliner as a complement.

I would like to know more about: the washing, the using and the cleaning of the products.

In order to learn more about these subjects and how to manage the firts uses, you need to read the complete manual. You will find it here.


"I have received my order. I tried them twice with hapiness, asking myself if two were sufficient. Normally, for about ten years I only used menstrual cups. The protections you developped are comfortable, easy to wash, dry in one night... They well absorb the flow, but on this subject I am not a good judge, I have always had a light flow".

"I wanted to thank you for the seriousness of the parcels you send, the deadlines very short, the little gift in the envelope... Thank you for everything! This last order (the second one), I placed it for my 12 years old daughter who is new in the menstruations pitiless world. She it too impressed by the cup that I use for less than a year but she liked the Absorbettes. We chose together the patterns and waited for the parcel enthusiastically. Dans Ma Culotte, this is also this, a moment for sharing between a mother and her daughter at an age when this relationship is not always easy to live, it has to be said!".

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